Parents Shouldn’t Allow Their Kids to Play League of Legends

It was a nice for years ago and it was the best. I don’t agree that it is the best game now since the game ranked 1st almost every categories in this website. The current community is very rude on the game and they don’t deserve more than 1 point really. Especially I have learned many new kinda swears that I have never heard before on League of Legends. I believe people who are younger than 18 year-old should not play this game and parents should not allow that. I have seen many kids on LoL.
Community: 2/10

Graphics of the game is good, not perfect though. I believe it could be much better than the current one. I have seen some improvements at graphics at first years after the game has published but they did not care much for graphics at recent years.
Graphics: 7/10

There is no item variety on the game. If you pay the real cash, you can obtain some items though. They are not many.
Item Variety: 3/10

Game customer support is going worse day by day. LoL is very crowded now and support can’t handle the support & help requests now. I get answers too late or they ignore my requests.
Support: 5/10

Unfortunately the game has turned into a pay to win game now. It was not like that for years ago. However I cannot deny that it is still fun to play it even with a free account.
Gameplay: 9/10

There is a very good storyline of the game and heroes backgrounds are very good. I have enjoyed to read them for years ago.
Story: 8.5/10

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