Toxic Players are Common Problem of MOBA Games

If you are playing this game with your friends, it is very good. I have started to play this with my friends and it was quite fun. When I get alone on the game, it started to become very boring for me. And you will need to face with rude people when you start to play alone and that can be quite annoying. Community is really bad of this game. No respect to humans at all. This is the common problem of MOBA games though. Toxic players are making game harder for you instead of creating new friendships.

Unfortunately LoL is not also the best MOBA anymore. I believe games like Smite have made good development and created awesome games.

Game is free to play but there is a huge paywall in the game. You need to pay a lot for unlock the content of League of Legends. Does it worth to pay to League of Legends? My personal opinion is it doesn’t worth to pay for this game. I am sure you will say “enough” for this page someday and you will quit it. All money you have paid is going to be a bad investment for you. So yeah, if you would like to make bad investment, just pay to LoL.

However the game is free to play and if you have a good friend team, it can be worth to play and actually this will be awesome game for you and your friends. You are going to play it like an action. As I have told, MOBA Games common problem is toxic players. I believe game publishers should remove them all from the database.

Pietro’s Voting on League of Legends

Story: 8/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Support: 8/10

Item Variety: 8/10

Graphics : 8/10

Community: 8/10

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