Conan Exiles Users Complaints for PVE-C Server 1516

According to some users in Conan Exiles PVE-C Server 1516 crashed too much recently after the christmas holiday started. Since the server is one of the most popular servers of the game, this affected too many players. They are asking game staff to fix the problem.

The game user DrakonTrelos has mentioned that the issue appeared just a few weeks ago. He has also told that players can leave the game because this situation annoys them.

According to users, they haven’t got any response from Funcom staff despite of they have reported the issue.

Conan Exiles is one of the most popular online games at the moment. The game is also available on Stream too. The game has received 91 percent likes and 9 percent dislikes from gamers on Google.

The game’s publisher is Funcom at the moment.

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