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This is one of the most questions we got recently from our users. It is very easy to voting and reviewing games on GamesRank.Net. You can check our guideline in this page.

How to Vote and Review a Game

Firstly enter a page that we have reviewed a game and scroll down until you see the “Write Your Review” headline. You will see 5 statistic bars below the headline. Pull blue dot to right or left to give points for the game. There are 5 sections that you can vote a game. Story, Gameplay, Support, Item Variety, Graphics. We recommend you to be fair while you are doing this. We are not going to accept manipulative reviews. Minimum review point for a game is 0,1 and maximum review point is 10. If you try give 0 point for a feature of the game, it won’t be accepted by the system. So try give minimum point at the least. You can not give 0 point to a game.

After you give points to the game, you will need to add a comment. It can be a short comment or long. It is optional. However a comment is still required.

After you wrote a review with appropriate language, you will need to click on “Post Comment” button. Then you will get “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” notification just above your written content. We will check your review in 0-24 hours and publish it. has right to not to publish reviews with inappropriate languages and manipulative points.

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    • Hello Mark,

      As we have written in the content, we do not accept manipulative reviews and votes. We understand that you haven’t like support of the game, however voting graphics of the game with 0,3 wouldn’t be fair at all.

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