NTTGame Knight Online Maintenance 13th April 2017

Knight Online (USKO) has announced that there will be server maintenance in 13th April 2017. There will be a few changes after the maintenance and a few new event will take place in the game. The maintenance duration will be approximately 1 hour. There will be a few changes on skills too.

What are Changes?

There will be Easter Event on Knight Online for 4 weeks. We are going to give you more information about that to you after KO team announce the event.

April discounted sales will be start on the game. You can get more information about these sales on forums of Knight Online.

Heal and Cry Echo’s effect will be decreased to three seconds.

Juraid Mountain Curse Weapon Material will be removed from the game at all.

Why I cannot Connect to Server?

You can not connect to servers of Knight Online since a few changes will take place in the game and servers will be restart. KO Team has announced that you won’t able to reach the game about 1 hour. However that can be longer. Users already experienced that Knight Online updates and maintenance can take longer than approximately times.

Server rest will take place at 02:00 with CET and 21:00 with EST.


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