NTTGame Introduced Browser Push Notification for Knight Online

Knight Online (USKO) Publisher NTT Game has introduced browser push notification for their users. You can get recent news from the game with these notification features. Notifications will appear in your browser when you open it and you will get the latest news from the game. You will able to get more information on coupons, promotions, events with this feature.

How will You Enable Browser Push Notifications

All you need to do is going the main page of the website and subscribe the website. Let’s tell you step by step.

  • Click here to go to main page of Knight Online.
  • You will see a message that “Knight! Subscribe to get the most recent news about Knight Online”
  • Click on blue Subscribe button.
  • In a pop-up window, your browser will ask you to allow notifications. You need to allow it for notifications.
  • And you are done, now the most recent news will appear in your browser now.

How to Disable Notifications of Knight Online on Chrome

If you don’t want to get any news from NTTGame and Knight Online then you should go settings of your Chrome Browser. 

Then click on “Show Advanced Settings” where is located bottom of the settings page like we have shown in the page below.

Under the Privacy header you will see “content settings” button. You will need to click on it.

After you click on “Content Settings” button a new window will appear. Scroll down until you see “Notifications” header in the window and click on “Manage Exceptions” button.

Click on “x” button to delete item from your browser.

You can enlarge pictures for see them better.


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