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  • Red Crucible: Reloaded is a nice online first person shooter game which you won't need to download tons of files. It is only about 70 MB at total.
  • The game is free to download and play.
  • There are online players from different countries of the world. That will make game more fun for you.


  • When we compare it with Firestorm version of the game. Firestorm worth to play more.



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Red Crucible: Reloaded is the newest version of Red Crucible series. It is an action first person shooter game which you can play on Facebook Gameroom, Linux and Windows OS. It is free to download and play. You can still purchase items on the game. The first version of the game is Red Crucible: Firestorm and we have already introduced this game for you.

Red Crucible: Reloaded Gameplay

Red Crucible: Reloaded is very similar with Firestorm version of the game, however there are larger maps than Firestorm. If you already played Counter Strike, Critical Ops or ZBlitz before, you will able to play this game easily. You will able to join battles after you register to the game. There is no tutorial which will start automatically but you can click on tutorial button for getting auto help of Red Crucible. You can click on “Play” button for get into a random game. You can select a team and begin to the game. You will need to eliminate your enemies to increase your cash on the game. So you will able to purchase better equipment and weapons.

If you want to select the game you join, you will need to click on “Browser” button. You will see a list of created games. Join one of them to begin to war. There are different kind of games. Such as “Team Deathmatch”, “Territories”, “Free for All”, etc.

There is also a basic training feature on the game which will help you about how to play the game.

There will be also missions for you on Red Crucible: Reloaded. You can check missions with click on “Missions” button at the left side of the game screen.

You can watch the gameplay video below for having more information about the game.

Gameplay Video



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  1. Red Crucible reloaded what can I say, if you like a company that has no moral or ethical compass then this is the game you want to play. What is not to be liked is a company that allows male players to pretend to be females in the game which also has children playing. It is widely known that a player that goes by the name Silver or Frank Simon also pretends to be a girl with the name Lolita. What sort of sick perverted person does this. Also the game has some rather interesting features that you can purchase for real money that don’t work as described which has been mentioned numerous times by players but once the company has your money good luck with any logical solution to the problem. The other not so interesting aspect is the game play, the company actively encourages spawn killing which see’s many new customer leave the game. SO if you join just spawn kill because the company doesn’t care. The last part are the moderators who are like the police but without any common sense, JuliusHD regularly breaks the companies TOS by giving out real players names and information on particular players but again the company is aware of this problem but does not act.

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