S4 League Review

S4 League

Genre: Action

  • Minimum Requirements:
    Browser: N/A
    Android: N/A
    iPad and iPhone: N/A
    Windows OS: Microsoft Windows XP OS, 512 MB RAM, 3 GB Storage, Intel Celeron 1. GHz processor, Geforce 4 MX Graphic Card
    macOS: N/A
    Windows Mobile : N/A
    Debian : N/A
    Linux : N/A
  • Platforms: Windows OS
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Publisher: Aeria Games

S4 League








Item Variety







  • Player community is very active and there are many players who are playing this game.
  • You will exactly find what you are looking for in this game. If you are looking for MOBA with TPS, this game is exactly for you.
  • It is free to play game.
  • Graphics are decent.


  • Storyline of the game is not very good.

S4 League is an action third person shooter game that you can play on only Windows. The game also playable on PlayStation Portable 3000. The game publisher is Aeria Games. It is released in 2007 and developed by Pentavision. It is free to play and download. You can obtain the game only official website. It is not available on other game webstores. If you like shooting games with anime characters, S4 League is one of game options for you. We have also introduced another game of Aeria Games recently on Gameranks. You can click here to see review of that game, if you are interested.

S4 League Gameplay

You will need to select your character and enter the arena to fight against other characters. You will able to shoot them, hack & slash them with different weapons. All you need to be careful and watch your opponents carefully in the arena. You will able to gain rewards at the end of the battles and you will able to update your skills and stats.

Gameplay Video

A gameplay video of S4 League from a gamer:


Sorry, no screenshot available for this game at the moment.


Official trailer of S4 League:

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