Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) Review

Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS)

Genre: Adventure

  • Minimum Requirements:
    Browser: N/A
    Android: N/A
    iPad and iPhone: N/A
    Windows OS: Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Pentium 4 1.5 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Storage
    macOS: N/A
    Windows Mobile : N/A
    Debian : N/A
    Linux : N/A
  • Platforms: Windows OS
  • Release Date: 22 January 2008
  • Publisher: Portalus Games LLC

Pirates of the Burning Sea








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  • It is a free to play & download game. However you can still purchase the premium content from the game store.
  • We like graphics of Pirates of the Burning Sea.
  • The concept of the game is very unique and exciting.


  • There could be more career options on the game.



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Pirates of the Burning Sea (a.k.a PotBS) is an Adventure MMORPG. It is a free to play game. It is only available for Windows Operating System at the moment. It is not available for other OS and game consoles.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Gameplay

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a fun game and we have enjoyed while we were playing it. You can select 3 nations in the game and you can also be a pirate on the game. You can select different classes after you pick your nation. These are options for you at the first stage of the game which you should select:

Nations and Careers (Classes)

  • French
  • Spanish
  • British
  • Pirates

You can select all available classes with the nations which is called career in the game. There is not any unique class for a certain nation on the game.

  • Nation Classes
    1. Navy Officers: Navy Officers are quite good at ship combat and they can be effective quite range on the game. They are powerful warriors.
    2. Privateers: Privateers are a kind of pirates on the game but they do not harm their own country’s ships. They have fast ships.
    3. Freetraders: As you have already understood from the name, freetraders are free traders of the realm. They are not belong to trade organizations.
  • Pirate Careers
    1. Cutthroats: Cutthroats have good manoeuvre and combat abilities on the game. They can also control defeated ships on the game.
    2. Buccaneers: This pirate class generally cares for economy and their skills are generally based on economy.

After you select your career and nation, you will begin to the game with tutorial quests. You can take a look at our video below for learning more about the tutorial.

Gameplay Video

Watch the gameplay video below for learning more about the gameplay. This is also a good video about character creation and tutorial of Pirates of the Burning Sea. We recommend you to J2JonJeremy Channel for learning more about the game.


Pirates of the Burning Sea screenshots


Official trailer of Pirates of the Burning Sea:

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