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  • Minimum Requirements:
    Browser: N/A
    Android: N/A
    iPad and iPhone: N/A
    Windows OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Operating System, Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB Storage
    macOS: N/A
    Windows Mobile : N/A
    Debian : N/A
    Linux : N/A
  • Platforms: Windows OS
  • Release Date: 1 December 2009
  • Publisher: Quest Online LLC









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  • Alganon is free to play and download.
  • The game graphics are not excellent but it is still very good for an old school game.
  • We like the storyline of the game.
  • Game tutorial is very helpful for newcomers.


  • We believe that Alganon has serious problems with paywalls on the game. This is a serious barrier for development of player community of the game. You almost need to pay for anything for every steps you move on the game.
  • Player community is not that good.
  • Paywall damages to gameplay.
  • There is not too much race variations to pick on the game.

Alganon is a fantasy MMORPG which is looking like World of Warcraft. It is free to play and it is available on Steam at the moment. The game generally got negative reviews from Steam users because of some reasons. We are going to mention about these in our review. Alganon has released 1 December 2009 and there are still a few active players on the game. However it will be wrong to call that player community is excellent. It seems the community is close to dying.

Alganon Gameplay

There are three races in Alganon. These races are Human, Talrok and The Ourobi. Humans are living in the Asharr. Talroks are living in the Kujix and Ourobis are living in the Ourobani.¬†There are also 9 classes that you can pick on the game. These classes are Champion, Cabalist, Ranger, Reaver, Magus, Mystic, Titan, Spellbinder, Warden. Some of these classes are very unique for most of fantasy role play games. However the game’s main problem is paywalls. There are too much paywalls on the game and this really effects to gameplay negatively. There is a limit on the game for character creating. You will need to pay to game after you create 4 characters. However while there are various classes and races on the game, people would like to find out abilities of other races and classes. You can give ability points in a limited level on the game and when you reach about level 30, you will need to pay to game for use your ability points for your character. You won’t able to carry more than 50 golds in your inventory since there is another paywall for that. There are some other paywalls of the game. We just want to keep it short. Actually when you check the game, it is really successful game with their mechanics, unique races and classes. We also like the world they have created. It is almost better than most of old school MMORPG. However publisher should change their policy for the paywall.

Gameplay Video

A useful gameplay video of Alganon which will be helpful for the beginners of the game:


You can check screenshots below for Alganon:


The official trailer of Alganon which has been already published by Steam release of the game:

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    It was my fave game until devs made the game pay to win. Wait! It is not pay 2 win actually. It is pay to play. They demand cash at every single step of the game. It is a promising and nice game but cash walls killed player community.

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