Star Sonata 2 Review

Star Sonata 2

Genre: Sci-Fi

  • Minimum Requirements:
    Browser: N/A
    Android: N/A
    iPad and iPhone: N/A
    Windows OS: Microsoft Windows XP OS, 2 GB RAM, 2 GB Storage
    macOS: No official statement company about minimum system requirements for Mac OS.
    Windows Mobile : N/A
    Debian : N/A
    Linux : No official statement from the company.
  • Platforms: Windows OS, Linux, Mac OS
  • Release Date: October 2004
  • Publisher: Star Sonata LLC

Star Sonata 2








Item Variety







  • The game is available for Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Star Sonata 2 is free to play and download. You can always have it from the official website.
  • It will be available on Steam soon.


  • Storyline is not very good.
  • Star Sonata 2 don't have good graphics.
  • Community is not very active but still there are people.



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Star Sonata 2 is a Sci-Fi game that you can play on only Windows OS. The game is available only on official website of the game. It will come soon to Steam. If you love to play games on Steam, you can give a try this game when it is published on the Steam. It is a free to play game and you don’t need a very good computer to play it.2

Star Sonata 2 Gameplay

There are two groups that you can join at the beginning of the game. There are Volcom Pirates and Nexus Cadet. After you select your side on the game, your adventure is going to start on the game immediately and you will begin to explore to universe. There won’t be a good guideline for you on the game but there is still helpful task manager that will help you to learn to the game. You can also find many useful resources on Youtube for learning about the game or you can watch the video about Star Sonata 2 below…

Gameplay Video

Here is the gameplay video of the game for you. You can watch the video for learn more about the appearance of the game.


Star Sonata 2 screenshots:


Official trailer of Star Sonata 2 which has been published by official YouTube channel of the game:

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  1. Story






    Item Variety






    In terms of Story, for Star Sonata this is non-existent. The game makes an attempt at a coherent story about the central Earth force fighting a menacing pirate faction known only as the “Blue” this then branches out into many other varying factions, the pirates of tortuga, the bounty hunters of Brigand’s, and more recently Strontium-99. However, the actual storyline consists of the same repetitive quests and dialogue; “We’ve found X over at Y, we need you to either: A.) Kill the ship and retrieve the loot, or B.) Explore this area for another mission”. The storyline is as wide as the congo and as deep as a raindrop.

    Gameplay is the diamond in the rough for this game; inspired from old arcade-style games like Starcontrol or Escape Velocity, the twitch style gameplay really shines and allows for a greater immersion into your character, having to sit at the edge of your seat as you narrowly dodge enemy fire in a dog fight. Timing is key to victory in PvP.
    The game does not stop there however, featuring an extensive base-building system complete with the ability to colonize worlds, construct giant manufacturing havens, or build a HQ for your team as you attempt to take a pass at becoming Emporer, the game does not fail to deliver on depth of gameplay. Allowing the player the truly experience a sandbox MMO by way of being a trader, bounty hunter, diplomat, or humble miner; the choice is ultimately yours and never forces a direction upon you.

    Support for this game is abysmal to say the least. If you want to get into contact with a paid administrator, you had best be ready to wait. The lead developer of the game; Jeff K. Landauer has very little community interaction, and from the development posts, has very little input into the actual direction and development of the game itself. Support generally comes from unpaid player-Administrators, that is players who wish to continue to see the development and have been appointed by Mr. Landauer to oversee the continuation of the game.

    Item Variety:
    There is no lack of item variety within this game, hundreds of thousands of unique items, each with unique effects and stats. Countless amounts of ships and gear will keep you entertained, or theorycrafting new builds. The game features a unique Augmenter system, by which the player is given a greater deal of control in altering the performance of their ship by varying levels of Augmenters. These can adjust the performance of the ships hull, i.e Capacity, Speed, etc. or the ships components, i.e the shield capacity / regeneration, or the damage output of the weapon systems. Another great attribute for the Sandbox MMO.

    While not being EVE-Online levels of beauty, the game does have an older charm to it. A sort of Fischer-Price level of detail on the ships reminds you that it is a game you’re ultimately playing, and not a moving screensaver. With that said, some firefights within the game can be a chaotic beauty, with much eye candy to gaze upon.

    The community of this game consists of a handful of seasoned veterans, there are times where one would think they’re the only person online. However, there are always chat bots within the Trade window, advertising various shops or goods to trade, which will keep you from feeling too isolated.
    Many players form into Teams, of which there are a several to choose from. Some of these are more geared towards assisting newer players, and some are old-guard members fighting against each other for precious minerals and the right to call themselves Emperor. Whilst friendly at times, the lack of a community does really lower the score overall.

    Star Sonata is a subscription based MMO with a free-to-play component, whilst I would not recommend devoting a large portion of time into this game, it can be fun to zoom around shooting NPC’s from time to time.

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