Desert Operations Review

Desert Operations

Genre: Strategy

  • Minimum Requirements:
    Browser: Windows 7 OS, Intel Pentium 4 processor
    Android: Version 4.0 and up
    iPad and iPhone: Version iOS 8.2 and up
    Windows OS: (FB Gameroom) Windows 7, Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM, Intel Integrated Graphics, 4 GB Storage
    macOS: N/A
  • Platforms: Browser, Facebook, Windows OS = Facebook Gameroom, Android, iOS
  • Release Date: 2 October 2013
  • Publisher: Looki

Desert Operations








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              • Desert Operations is a nice strategy war game. If you want to play a war game with current technology vehicles and weapons, you should try it.
              • You will easily understand how to play the game with newbie tutorial.
              • Obtaining resources is not that hard on the game.
              • There are paid stuffs on the game but you can play it 100% free if you don't want to pay for the game at all.




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              Desert Operations is a strategy war game that you can play on Browser, Windows OS (via Facebook Gameroom), iPhone and iPad and Android devices. It is always free to play the game but you can still purchase diamonds with cash on the game.

              Desert Operations Gameplay

              As same as many other strategy war games, you will need to focus on resources and resource buildings on Desert Operations too. The game is looking like World War Online a little bit but not completely. There are also too much difference on both games. You will need to raise resource buildings and also upgrade them. Upgrading buildings will help you to get more resources per hour on Desert Operations.

              You can watch battles after you complete to attack on the game on a new window. There are multiple ways to battle against an enemy. You can use infantry units, tanks, aircraft units and navy units. You will need to spy your enemies carefully and create a good strategy with your units before you attack. Otherwise a random attack can fail you on the game.

              Oil refinery produces oil, mine produces gold, ammunition facility produces ammunition, residential buildings produces money, you can refine diesel and refine kerosene in oil refinery. These are six import resources for you. Diamond is the paid resource of the game. You can purchase it with cash. You can also gain diamonds free through completing missions or an achievement.

              Gameplay Video

              You can learn more about the game play of Desert Operations with the video below.


              Desert Operations screenshots. Please click onto image to enlarge it.


              Official trailer of Desert Operations which has been made by Looki:

              3 Reviews

              1. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME. It is run by crooks and criminals. They treat you as if they are the Gestapo and you have no rights. The Top players in each server are either looki/gamigo employees or investors in the game. There are weekly events that cater specifically to the top players with no regard to anyone else in the game. They continually change the rules to suit their needs. They also have the almighty power to evaluate your fights and determine if you were trying to lose and then Ban you without even giving you a course to protest the ban or defend your actions. This game is as crooked as they come. Much better alternatives out there

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