Slitherio Game a Star of io Games

I am personally a gamer, a fan and game enthusiast that I like to play every kind of game. Board games, 2D games, flash games, html games and especially 3D games. I will try every newly established or marketed game even in their beta forms. I follow gamer guru twitter or instagram accounts to hear the newest details of many game projects and sometimes with my personal connections I tried the Project version of the game. I recently a good follower and player of io games. Even the era of the agario, slitherio, hordesio and so on. I follow every facebook group about slitherio unblocked versions or new mods for slitherio, agario.

These pop corn games had a very fast popularisation period and slightly moderate popularity but at the end a very slow down slope popularity. This happened in every io games such as agario, slitherio and every other io games. A very well known Brazilian serial period had passed in south america that in every house people follow a romantic serial movie, like months sometimes even years. Slitherio and agario style games are also have the same popularity even months, years for many fans . Some fans played the game without any hesitance for years. Every gamer has its own immortal game such Mortal kombat, Annihilation, PacMan etc.

But the slower down, diminishing popularity will not come to an end it will take a long period even 5 years for some games. Or in the facebook groups some fans wait a reborn of the game with some new features. This is not every time real world practice a new fashion or popular game cease its popularity and will give its place to a new comer. is also now has its maturation period that losing popularity but not player population. Just media and market forgot it is golden era but not the gamers at all.


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