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First Person Shooter is one of the game types which people love to play. Online FPS games are not generally on level based but you can still find some of them on internet world. Action FPS games are generally games which are looking like Counter-Strike. You can check our rankings and listing for the best Action FPS games.

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We have mentioned a few Action FPS Games for you in our listing. If you would like to see more games in this category, you can click on full list section. You are going to find paid and free games on this category. There are also games which can work on Microsoft Windows OS, Linux OS and macOS. You can get more information on platforms of the games with clicking on them. If the game is paid, you can learn the price of the game. These are some games which we have reviewed on Game Ranks. You can also see the full list:

If you have any questions about Action FPS games you can contact us or you can comment on this page with the review section below. You can also contact us for suggesting more games on this category.

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