Ultima Online is Dead and It Should Be Free Now

I have heard the popularity of the game for years ago. Just a few days ago, I wanted to play it with a trial account from EA Games. May be it was a good game about 20 years ago but I don’t think that it’s that good now. May be for those who likes old school games but it wasn’t perfect for me at all.

Unfortunately the game is not also newbie friendly. There is not any tips or any tutorial for newcomers on the game. I even couldn’t move my character in the game for 15-20 minutes because usual controls were not working on the game. I haven’t understood what should I do next after I have created to character. Speaking of creating character… I like how you create characters on Ultima Online. I think this was the only thing which I liked about the game. It is very detailed and you can combine many skills on a character. That was awesome.

I believe this game is dead now. Asking cash for playing this game is madness. It should be free and publisher should try to earn from game store. Otherwise no one will want to play it. I have read something about free servers or something like that (I can not recall the exact name of free UO servers now) but I don’t want to involve with such things.

I don’t even want to mention about Graphics of the game. We are talking about a game which have been published about 20 years ago here. I bet they hadn’t make any improvement for the graphics of the game whole 20 years though.

Story: 5.8/10

Gameplay: 5.2/10

Support: 6.2/10

Item Variety: 5.8/10

Graphics: 3.5/10

Community: 5.8/10

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