HOAG Entertainment Should Work on War of the Races

I have played this game multiple times and after I played it about 1 hour I came here. My general opinion about the game is “disappointing”. I have played it on Facebook Gameroom version.

I have played 7 or 8 games and I am sure that I have played almost all these games with the bot who is called wllma. I am not surprised to  see his name at the screenshots of the game. You are not playing against real players on this game. So this is not actually a game which you can battle against real players online.

The second thing is all races are very bad at power balance. Especially if you select trolls, you are not going to have any chance to beat your opponent on the game, if he/she has selected another class.

It is called a strategy game but I seriously doubt about that. I believe developer should add more classes to the game. Barbarians, Trolls and Dwarves are good melee classes on Role-Play world but somehow range units are generally better than melee warriors on these classes. This is not reasonable at all.

My suggestion to developer is adding more classes and races to the game and add some recover ability to certain classes/races per turn.
Example: Adding Elves to the game and adding mage class could be awesome. Besides dwarves could be resistant to magic.

This game has a serious potential but HOAG Entertainment should certainly work on War of the Races. This can be very awesome game. It is just the great concept with poor development at the moment. Hopefully you guys will improve it.

If I see any good changes, I will gladly review this game.

Story: 7.2/10

Gameplay: 4.2/10

Support: 4.8/10

Item Variety: 2.1/10

Graphics: 2.3/10

Community: 2.6/10

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