Paywalls Hurts Gameplay of Wizard101 Seriously

I like the game but there are many problems with that. Firstly it is my self opinion. I don’t like cash walls on a game. paywalls are making games annoying and there are many of these walls on the game which will stop you to do tasks and missions. I won’t vote for gameplay and support sections of game too high because of this. Paywalls hurts gameplay of Wizard101 seriously. There are also multiple people who are trying to cheat or hack to pass that wall. I believe they already earn enough from other product sales of the game. No need paywalls.

Gameplay: 5 – 10

Storyline of the game is more than average. I am sure it could be better though. There is a good storyline at the beginning of the game but you won’t able to see any other cinematic or story like that at the rest of the game.

Story: 7.5 – 10

KingsIsle is doing really very good job. I cannot really deny it. I don’t know other people’s opinion though but they have reacted me very nicely in every support request and I got response from game staff.

Support: 9 – 10

There are various items on the game. I believe skills are very unique. There are various cards on the game.

Item Variety: 9.5 – 10

I like graphics of the game. It is not still very excellent though. It looks like an old school graphics with improved resolution. As you mentioned in PROS of the game, I like skill effects. This is what making game exciting for me.

Graphics: 8 – 10

Community is super on the game. There are many children, fathers and mothers who are playing the game. I am one of those fathers who is playing the game. I love to play it with my son and we enjoy while we are doing missions but paywall was quite annoying for us.

Community: 10  –  10

This game is awesome, I recommend it for anyone.

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